Marison born in Aosta, lives and works between Turin and Aix-en Provence.

Self-taught artist, she initially dedicated to industrial design.
From 1979 to 1990 she was responsible for interiors center at Italdesign but despite living a career full of professional achievements the desire to devote herself to art as his true passion led her choice to leave the business context to be able to engage more freedom in a deep search on her artistic identity.

Later on, meanwhile focusing mainly on her artistic evolution process she continued to consult selected corporate projects in aeronautical, aerospace and jewelry business.

The artistic meeting with Maestro Ezio Gribaudo in 1991, represents the most important life-changing event in guiding Marison into intense research and learning about materials and “materico” painting techniques of neo-impressionist artists. This event will be remembered as Marison’s turning point: she decides to give up on everything else and devote herself exclusively to art.

In 2003 she will take part in few charity exhibitions held in the deconsecrated church “Chapelle” offering as gifts some personal etching technique paintings representing Provençal landscapes: Istres, Martigues, and Nimes.

In June 2006 she will host her first solo exhibition in the museum space and school of art “Tiraoro and Battioro” in Campo San Stae sponsored by the Department of Cultural Production of the Municipality of Venice and by the Department of Culture of the Province of Venice.

In December 2006 and January 2007 she exhibits at BIM – Banca Intermobiliare di Investimenti – in Turin, followed by an exhibition at the BIM headquarters in Milan in January 2007 and later in February 2007.

On October 2007, she participated with other 36 international artists in the collective project: “The Hebrew alphabet” sponsored by the Italian Israel association and held at the Spazio Sala Prove of Via Quittengo in Turin.

In October 2008, she join the collective Il Corpo Nudo organized by the Sandro Penna association, attended by 67 international artists, with a four-handed interpretation with the presence of her master Ezio Gribaudo. The exhibition was held at the Galleria Narciso in Turin.

In January 2013 she participate in the national competition “Millennium – la Rinascita” at the Regional Museum of Natural Sciences in Turin with the patronage of the Piedmont Region.